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Santa will be visiting four areas of Wakefield again in 2019. Please click for details.

YOUR CAT magazine robotic cat project

Jonathan Eastwood takes the reins from Sheila Wainwright

NEW PRESIDENT. On 4th July 2019 Jonathan Eastwood took the presidential reins from Sheila Wainwright.

The Rotary Club of Wakefield has linked up with Unity Lottery. Please consider taking part if you are over 16. There are some large prizes to be won and half of all stakes are sent directly to our charitable trust fund. From 1 per week.

Carol Green becomes a Rotarian on 4th July 2019CAROL IS WELCOMED AS A NEW MEMBER

On 4th July 2019 President Jonathan Eastwood and sponsor Anita Hepworth welcomed Carol Green (centre), as a new member. We extend a warm welcome to her.

Sheila & Neale with SnowballLet's Get a Good Thing Going is a series of programmes produced for the BBC which were broadcast during week commencing 18th December 2017. Club president Sheila Wainwright made a pitch to raise money for robotic cats designed for use by dementia patients on Wednesday 20th December, when all contributors were from the Wakefield area. Whilst she did not win the funds available on the day the power of television has resulted in many offers of support and requests for details about how to buy the cats. You can contact her at

The Amelia Nazir 9,000 fundraising exercise has been successful and the equipment she needs has been installed at her home.

Please see FACEBOOK for details of our very varied guest speakers. To make enquiries about being able to hear them for yourself please follow this link.

Admiral Nurses increase their presence in the Wakefield area thanks to Rotarian Sheila


The club meets at 18:30 on Thursdays at New Brookhouse Club, 221 Barnsley Road, Wakefield WF1 5NU (about one mile south of the city centre on the A61). Tel: 01924 255385. We meet in the function room on the first floor. For variations please see the PROGRAMME page.
Rotarian visitors are always welcome but it would be helpful if they could advise us of their attendance by the Monday of the same week. Please send a note to the Secretary. If you do not get an acknowledgement within 24 hours please use the Contact Us tab above.
There is no formal dress code although many male members wear a jacket and some wear a tie. Smart casual is perfectly acceptable. Members are asked not to wear jeans.
 A map for most locations used can be seen by clicking on the venue name on the Programme page listing. 

The club is in Rotary International District 1040 (Yorkshire,UK)   Rotary International club number 1069
The Secretary (Ken Pinder) can be contacted via the Contact Us facility
The PRESIDENT (Jonathan Eastwood) can also be contacted in the same way. 

Founded in 1921, we have 40 members. Membership is open to both men and women. 
E-mail can be sent via the CONTACT page to the Web Manager who will forward it to any member who is named in the message.

The Rotary Club of Wakefield Trust Fund is registered with the Charity Commission. Its number is 501456. Profits from public charitable fund raising activities of the Rotary Club of Wakefield are all passed to the Trust Fund prior to distribution.

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Some of the Rotary images in these pages come from Rtn Tord Elfwendahl's Website and they can be used in any Rotary context, but please acknowledge the source.

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