Robotic CATS for companionship

Sheila with cat

Robotic cats are an interactive companion which look, feel and sound like a real cat. Their effectiveness in helping people with dementia is well documented and the Rotary Club of Wakefield is well placed to supply them to other Rotary clubs and similar organisations. Please make contact by writing to

The project is led by Sheila Wainwright (club president 2017 - 2019) with a big commitment from Peter Clarke (club secretary 2014-2019). Sheila writes......" I feel I am very privileged!  As a result of the cats project I have visited many Rotary Clubs this year to talk about the process and outcomes of buying and donating them.  We get much pleasure in sharing the fact that we have so far purchased 120 cats and have donated 81 to people who are socially isolated, people with dementia and people in care homes.  We now have a small team of  Rotarians who will distribute cats, take care of the admin, etc.

We have a dream nowÖ..every Rotary club in the country buying and giving one cat to someone in need. What a difference that could make, what joy that could give to so many sad and lonely people."

For further information readers may be interested in an article on the subject which featured in the Rotary Magazine in August-September 2018

Sheila is also the REPoD Ambassador for Admiral Nurses. REPoD means Rotarians Easing the Problems of Dementia. Admiral Nurses are the equivalent of Macmillan Nurses for dementia patients and are administered by Dementia UK

A message from the Manager of Walton Manor Care Home, Wakefield which illustrates the effectiveness of these therapeutic companions when used by some patients with dementia.......

"I would like to say a massive thank you for the Rotary donation of the cat to Walton Manor. In a short period of time you have changed people's lives. 

We have a lady at Walton Manor who is living with Dementia. She has over the past few months become so frustrated that she called out and screamed a lot of the time through the day. We have tried all sorts to help with this as carers, using different activities, stimulation and reassurance; nothing worked.Then you brought the cat!! 

This lady has cuddled, named and loved him. She no longer shouts out and is happy and content. We were amazed at the change and the new life this lady now has.

A family member whose mother has Alzheimerís witnessed this and bought a cat for her as she showed episodes of anxiety and depression. This has also stopped.

Not only have you changed the life of these ladies but you given our staff a knowledge of the different kind of needs people living with dementia may have.

I cannot thank you enough for what you did for us and please donít hesitate to ask if we can return the favour to you.

Kind regards
Helen Batty
Manager, Walton Manor"