Flower bed at Holmfield Park


Rotary Club of Wakefield. Philip Plattes, Peter Clarke, Stuart Livesey and Ann Roberts. June 2024 sThe triangular park flower bed at the junction of Denby Dale Road and Thornes Road has been planted by members of the Rotary Club of Wakefield since 2020 and there will once again be a welcome display in 2024. The work is done under licence from Wakefield Council and with the co-operation of the Friends of CHaT Parks.

The plants were purchased by way of donations or were given by some local companies. The club wishes to thank everyone who contributed either by donating money, plants or by supplying them at a discount. Special thanks go to Notcutts Victoria Garden Centre, Morrisons Supermarket and Newstead Nursery.

Rotary Club of Wakefield. Ann Roberts, Peter Clarke, Stuart Livesey and Philip Platts. June 2024 sRotary Club of Wakefield planted flower bed, Holmfield Park June 2024 sPresident-elect Ken Pinder said "The flower-bed project is a good way for the club to be of service to the community and we hope that everyone enjoys the display as they pass by this busy corner of the park"

The left hand photo shows Rotarians Ann Roberts, Peter Clarke, Stuart Livesey and Philip Platts.