Emergency Aid

From time to time our members are moved to make emergency donations when aid is required quickly following natural disasters or other unexpected events.

14th April 2010


Members of Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland are saying a huge thank you to the public after it was revealed that over 3m was raised for ShelterBox, Water Survival Box and Aquabox  in the first three months of this year for Haiti and other countries hit by disasters.

The staggering figures provided by the charities, shows how much the members of the public care for others at times of great need and that Rotary is trusted to deliver help where it is needed the most. One Rotary club reported receiving a donation of 500, enough to pay for a ShelterBox which will provide a tent and survival equipment for a family of up to ten people.

14th January 2010


Very soon after the disaster in Haiti the BBC and other news providers highlighted the ability of Shelterbox to respond very quickly with items for shelter and water purification. Each box costs 490 and enough to buy another one was sent immediately.

26th November 2009


The Rotary Clubs of Cockermouth and Keswick have jointly launched a charity appeal which will be used to help those affected and who cannot repair their homes by other means. A donation of 500 is being sent immediately.